in Deepshikha aims to maximize the inherent potential of a special child. It focuses on mainstreaming of the children with special needs to ensure that they also contribute to the society with the best of their efficiencies when provided equal opportunities.

Deepshikha believes in the evolving capacity of each child and moves ahead with the belief that no child is un trainable.


It focuses on quality education, wherein more of a functional curriculum is followed based on the need of individual child. To provide best of the trainings, the ratio of teachers to the student has been kept as 8:1 and in order to give more and attention to the children with multiple disabilities the ratio varies to 5:1

Pre School

It is like any preparatory school, preparing the child for mainstream/ special school.

Special School

The special school begins at 10:00 AM in the morning with assembly and then energy of the students is boosted with the physical exercise. Daily activities include basic living skills training to make a child completely independent for his personal work. It also focuses on communication, social/peer interaction, all type of functional and at the end Academic training based on the child’s learning ability.

Extra-curricular activities like yoga, dance, art & craft training is also provided to the children to ensure that they can show their best with their capacity in any field. The school closes at
3:00 PM in the afternoon.



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