S.No.    Funding Agency
Years  Project Activities Undertaken
1 National Trust 2001-2002
2003-till date
2010 – till date
1. Information Centre

2. Reach & Relief Institution

3. State Nodal Agency Centre (SNAC)

4. Badhte Kadam
Networking with different agencies in the state on behalf of National Trust.

Short term stay for the children with MR, CP Autism and MD.

Liaison with govt. officials, LLC and guardianship,
organizing sensitization programmes and parents training,
conducting seminars, workshops,
Mentoring NGOs.

Awareness Campaign through BadhteKadamMela and Awareness Rath, All 24 district covered.

State Partner of NCPEDP

Expansion of National Disability Network
State Level Liaisonand networking with
NGOs, DPOs for advocacy and rights
Of disabled individuals.
3 NIMH  1991-2006
2010-2011 1.
1.Supported Centre for DSE-MR training

2. Development of assessment tool for Autism

3. Project on Intellectual Assessment Tool
Training of professional in Mental Retardation

Collected data on ISIA scale for standardization

Tool was tested on 504 Children from various school of Ranchi
4 Action Aid,India 
2002-2005 Community Based Rehabilitation Programme, Namkum Survey and identification of more than 1064 disabled children

Training of volunteers, parents, community workers

Primary medical intervention

Providing therapeutic services at four community centres
5 Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) 1998-1999
2000-till date
1. National Bridge Course

2. Continuing Rehabilitation Education (CRE)
Two batch were conducted

Time to time number of CRE programmehave been conducted for in service rehabilitation professionals
6 Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University, Bhopal and

2001-till date
1. B.Ed.(Special Education) Course

2. Foundation Course in Disability

3. B.Ed.(Special Education) Course

4. Foundation Course in Disability
Five batch completed Eight batches completed

Three batch completed

Eight batches completed
7 UNICEF 1993-1994
1. Parent Training Programme

2. Early Intervention Programme at Kanke
Training of parents

Screening of more than 3600 children attending immunization clinic

Identification and intervention of developmentally delayed children
8 Concern India Trust 1999-2000
1. Early Identification and development of pre school model of integrated education

2. Early intervention programme

3. Rural Rehabilitation programme for strengthening parents -Children screened and identified at pre-school programme

Preschool model developed for integrated education
Children identified at Hulhundu block parent and community volunteers training
9 Concern Action Now, New Delhi 2001-2002 Ek Jut Collective data on awareness about PWD act.
10 Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India 

1.National Pilot Project on Mental Retardation

2. Special School, Deepshikha -586 MR individuals were identified from remote areas.
Home based training of parents/children
Govt. funding to run the special school programme.
11 Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India  2002-2003 Integrated Education for Disabled 100 disabled children between 6-14 yrs identified and sent to regular school, progress monitored.
Training of parents, teachers, principal
12 Dept. of Social Welfare, Govt. of Jharkhand 
Block Level Awareness Programme on

2. Early Identification and home based programme for children with disability.

3. Abilympics

4. Abilympics

5. Capacity building of NGOs working for CP Children state.

6. Grant in Aid for Special School
Training of Aanganwadi workers in 10 blocks disability

Ranchi district

Identification of 2600 children

530 children taken for intervention in 4 blocks

More than 250 disabled individual show cased their abilities and Mentoring of seven NGOs in the state.

Education and training of children with special needs (MR)
13 Jharkhand Education Project Council 2002-2003
1. 45 days training programme on IED

2. Sensitization and training programme for school teachers, headmaster etc.

3. State Resource Centre for Inclusive Education
More than 45 training programmes organized at block/cluster level
More than 2000 functionaries covered
More than 100 school teachers given intensive training in IED, through 45 days training and foundation course

-Establishment of SRC for IE and training of ADPO,RT and Technician ,Care Givers
14 District Welfare office  2004-2005 Surgery of CTEV, Cleft lip and palate More than 30 children suffering from CTEV,
Cleft lip and palate were operated upon
15 Jharkhand Health Society
2006-2007 Early identification of children with disabilities (Ranchi Sadar) Training of 97 Aanganwadi workers

Identification of 90 children with development delay
16 Deepshikha, Innovative Project  2011-2012 Still Photography and Digital Film Making 15 Person with disabilities trained by Shri Meghnath Da, Mr. BijuToppo and Mr. Vinit Kumar.
17 IICP-PHF 2013-2014 PHF-IICP-Deepshikha Project on CBR for Urban Slam Beneficiaries availing various services at the community resource centre established with the help of world Vision, Area covered – Purani Ranchi Tongritoli, Lowadih, and Hatia
18 VSO, India
2013-2014 Equip the Existing CRC’s with state of art equipment
Construction of disabled friendly toilets.
Work is going on.
19 SOB - Tata Trust 2013-2014 Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities through Sports 587 Athlete identified, First phase completed,
Second phase is going on.
20 AMBA-CEEIC, Bengaluru

Com-DEALL Trust

SOB - Tata Trust

PHF-IICP, Kolkata 
2014-15 AMBA-CEEIC Project

Com-DEALL Project

Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities through Sports

Community Resource Centre
AMBA-CEEIC Project is going on, ---Persons with developmental disabilities are enrolled for the training.

Running Early Intervention programme for ----------Children with Autism (0-6 Yrs.)

2000 Athlete identified, year 2 completed, First phase of year 3 to be started.

Community Resource Centre are running at Purani Ranchi and Lowadih, 100 children identified , 27 children getting services ,--- toilets constructed.



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